The Nursery Day

Start and End

Access For those using cars, there is a car park right outside the Nursery front door. For those arriving on foot, or with buggies, there is a buggy park for use if needed at the left-hand side, when facing the building.

Parents, carers and any person authorised for drop-off and pick-up (referred to here as “parents”) are given a coloured lanyard. This must be worn at all times upon entering the Nursery and within the premises.

Drop-Off On arrival, parents, simply press the buzzer on the front (blue) door, are recognised and seen in by office staff, and then make their way to their particular room. Drop-off can be at any time, at or after the start of a session.

Pick-up Similar arrangements apply. Pick-up is by 1.00pm for morning sessions and by 6.30pm for afternoon sessions.

During the Day

Room The room is the children’s base for the day, where they play and learn. Younger ones (in Purple, Blue and Green Rooms) have meals in their rooms, Orange and Yellow Room children eat in the hall.

Outdoors Unless the weather is very poor, each room spends some time, usually during both the morning and afternoon, in the garden, with outside play and fun.

Hall Sessions All rooms have two sessions per week in the hall for some group-type play and activities – soft-play, tents and tunnels are always popular! Sessions for ballet, music and PE also take place in the hall.

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