Learning and Curriculum

A Vision of Learning

Learning is central to life at any stage, never more so than during early childhood. Children’s learning proceeds at a phenomenal rate naturally, as part of the daily routines of life and play. Any parent or well-trained practitioner will look to enhance and complement this natural process, using different opportunities to impart knowledge and broaden understanding.

Nationally, the programme of learning and development is given by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework, which sets out overall principles and guidance. The Framework provides a broad programme of education, based upon seven areas of learning. EYFS applies from birth to the Reception Year inclusive. Attendance at a nursery or pre-school prior to the Reception Year is not statutory of course. However, all settings are required to follow the EYFS framework.

Our vision at Bronte is to walk hand in hand with children’s natural eagerness to learn, to follow and interpret the EYFS seven areas to best effect, and to add to the whole learning landscape by providing for different ages a series of specialist-taught subjects (Ballet, French. Music and Movement, PE). A spin-off of having external teachers and instructors is the children seeing an extra face and learning to relate to and learn with someone new.

An important additional dimension to Bronte Nursery’s provision is specialist educational support from teachers at Bronte School, the Nursery’s sister setting.

The environment plays such an important part in any child’s growth and development. Bronte’s setting is an attractive building, with traditional architectural features, a welcoming sense of homeliness, and high quality, modern rooms and facilities.

The outdoor environment is equally important. Children go out into the garden at least once a day, usually more often. As well as enjoying outdoor play, they gain experience and learn about the natural world: plants, birds, weather features are pointed out and talked about. In season, young helpers assist with watering plants, growing tomatoes, or picking fruit!

The EYFS Seven Areas of Learning

           Prime Areas               Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
           Specific Areas               Literacy
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design

Specialist-taught Subjects

           Ballet               expressive movement and dance, taught by staff from The Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts (Orange, Yellow and Green Rooms)
           French               an early experience of language and the structures of verbal communication, taught by Katharine Barwell, head of languages at Bronte School (Orange and Yellow Rooms)
           Magic Music               a combination of dance and the gym! Taught by staff from The Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts (all rooms)
           PE               Luke Johnson, head of PE at Bronte School, brings out maximum confidence and energy! (Orange and Yellow Rooms)

Specialist Educational Support

           Early Years               Sharon Kybert, Head of Early Years at Bronte School, has a dedicated Nursery role, spending time each week at the Nursery working with practitioners and room leaders
           Learning Support               Bronte School’s Head of Learning Support, Susan Cochrane advises and assists Nursery families and staff in specialist learning support, including the support of, for example, dyslexia or autistic spectrum conditions
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