Health, Well-being and Safety

Medical and Developmental Support

Working closely with parents, all Nursery staff monitor and promote health and well-being of the children. The School Nurse visits regularly and is available for advice and support. Parents are of course kept fully informed about any health matters or illnesses which arise during the day. All practitioners are first aid qualified, and the majority also have the higher level paediatric first aid qualification.

At different stages as needed and appropriate, the children are taught and guided about all aspects of daily health and looking after themselves. The School’s Learning Support department supports the Nursery, both in general advice and in individual behavioural, cognitive or developmental matters.

Security; Health and Safety

The provision and upholding of a safe and secure environment is at the heart of daily Nursery life. All staff are required to maintain alertness concerning health and safety matters, and to maintain vigilance to uphold the security of the premises and the site. At different age-appropriate stages, children are given help, guidance and teaching about safety and security.

Responsibility for all health and safety matters lies with the Proprietor. This responsibility is exercised through the Nursery Director and the Bursar, by the operation of the Health and Safety Committee, and by personal checks and enquiries. The Health and Safety Committee monitors practice and procedures, and acts as a platform for discussion about any health and safety matters. Security matters, many of which overlap with health and safety matters, are also included within the committee’s remit.

The Site Manager, who reports to the Bursar, makes regular checks of the site with the aims of checking physical security and boundaries, and of looking out for potential health and safety hazards. The Site Manager also undertakes regulatory and advisory checks (fire alarm testing, electrical appliance testing, water testing), arranging for specialist checks as needed.

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