Food, Meals and Catering

As is the case in most of our daily lives, meals tend to form the markers for different parts of the day, and the Nursery is no exception. Each day, breakfast is served between 8.00 and 9.00am, lunch from 11.30am and supper from 4.00pm. There are also morning and afternoon snacks.

In the fully equipped professional kitchen, using wherever possible fresh ingredients, sourced from local suppliers, the Nursery cook creates varied, healthy and appetising menus, so that the children look forward to and enjoy each meal or snack.

The younger children’s (in Purple, Blue and Green Rooms) meals are served in their rooms, Orange and Yellow Room children eat in the hall. The children sit down for the main meals, and the teaching of good manners and behaviour forms an important part of mealtimes.

Dietary requirements are of course fully catered for, as are any formal religious or cultural requirements. Children inevitably have their likes and dislikes: Nursery policy is not formally to provide for such preferences, as we take the view that children need gently to be encouraged to eat a normal varied diet. We nonetheless always try to ensure that menus have enough variety happily to cater for most tastes.

Summer Sample Menu

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