In December, Christmas parties take place in the hall, and are always special occasions. There is a Pre- School nativity play, where the Christmas story is enacted and the children take traditional parts.

Each July, the children who are leaving to start at school that September, take part in a Bronte Graduation ceremony, complete with gowns and caps! This is held at Cobham Hall, as part of the Bronte Festival, an annual fair and performance event for Bronte School and Bronte Nursery.

These events are important occasions for the children and their families, as well as the chance for families to get together and have fun.

We support various charities throughout the year such as Red Nose Day/Sports Relief, Barnado’s Week in which everyone (yes everyone!) gets to dress up as their favourite Superhero for the day, Jeans for Genes Day, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Holi Festival, Remembrance Day and Diwali.

These events are enjoyed by all and welcomed by parents, children and staff.

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