Pick-up and Drop-off

There is a car park right outside the Nursery front door, and parents simply press the buzzer for their room. A room leader or practitioner will quickly be present to recognise and welcome you in.

Pick-up is by 1.00pm for morning sessions and by 6.30pm for afternoon sessions. Drop-off is at any time.

Access and Security

Rules for access and security are covered in the appropriate policies and procedures. Access requires recognition by a room leader or practitioner and is of course permitted only for those with parental responsibility or for persons formally authorised by those with parental responsibility.

Food and Meals

Breakfast, lunch and supper, and the morning and afternoon snacks, form important parts of each day of course. The Nursery chef creates varied, healthy and appetising meals and snacks, so that the children look forward to and enjoy each meal.

Breakfast is served between 8.00 and 9.00am, lunch at 11.30am and supper at 4.00pm. There are mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks too.

The children sit down for the main meals, and the teaching of good manners and behaviour forms an important part of mealtimes. Dietary requirements are of course fully catered for, as are any formal religious/cultural requirements. Children inevitably have their likes and dislikes: Nursery policy is not formally to provide for such preferences, as we take the view that children need gently to be encouraged to eat a normal varied diet. We nonetheless always try to ensure that menus have enough variety happily to cater for most tastes!

The Bronte Day

Unless the weather really is awful…and of course we are in the UK….each room spends some time each day in the garden, with outside play and fun. Occasional visits take place as well, the children walking to local places of interest, like parks, libraries, or museums. The intention is that each day stimulates growth, development, curiosity and interest, combining the routines which give children security and familiarity, with more something a little varied and different.

It is worth remembering too how important at this stage social interaction is, with both adults and peers. Staff at Bronte pay particular attention to relationships and friendship formation, helping children learn key life lessons.


Across the year, there are special events too: Christmas parties, including a Pre-School nativity play, take place at Bronte School, and are very special occasions. Each July, there is the Bronte Graduation Day, a garden party for the whole Nursery and all parents, and a splendid graduation ceremony for pre-school leavers, marking their rite of passage from Nursery to School.

These events are important occasions for the children and their families, the chance as well for families to get together and have fun.


All Nursery staff members are trained in pediatric first aid. The School Nurse at Bronte School (situated 200m away) is available at most times to provide additional advice and support.

Staff keep parents fully informed as needed about any health matters or illnesses which arise during the day.


Nursery policies and procedures cover all aspects of safeguarding and security, and of access arrangements during the day. The physical security of the site and boundaries is checked regularly by the Site Manager.