Fees and Charges, from October 2016

Opening Times and Sessions

Parents may opt for any combination of sessions, with fees payable according to the tables below. There is a minimum of two sessions.

Opening Times

The Nursery is open throughout the year, apart from bank holidays and the Christmas/New Year break


Full day 7.30am – 6.30pm (11 hours)
Morning session 7.30am – 1.00pm (5.5 hours)
Afternoon session 1.00 – 6.30pm (5.5 hours)

Scales of Fees (from 1st October 2016)

The scales below give the full monthly fees. The fees given are those before any reduction is made which arises from use of the Kent County Council (KCC) Early Years Funding scheme, in which Bronte Nursery participates. Note 1 below gives further details.

Fees vary slightly for under- and over two year olds, with their differing care needs.

Children aged under 2 years

Monthly Rates

Full days per weekFee, per calendar month
1 day £223.20
2 days £446.40
3 days£669.60
4 days£892.80
5 days£1066.00 (discounted from 1116.00)
Morning sessions per weekFee, per calendar month
2 mornings£237.60
3 mornings£356.40
4 mornings£475.20
5 mornings£594.00
Afternoon sessions per weekFee, per calendar month
2 afternoons£221.60
3 afternoons£332.40
4 afternoons£443.20
5 afternoons£554.00

Day and Session Rates

Available at parental request, subject to availability:

Full day £55.80
Morning session £29.70
Afternoon session £27.70

Children aged over 2 years

Monthly Rates

Full days per weekFee, per calendar month
1 day £213.20
2 days £426.40
3 days£639.60
4 days£852.80
5 days£1025.00 (discounted from £1066.00)
Morning sessions per weekFee, per calendar month
2 mornings£229.60
3 mornings£344.40
4 mornings£459.20
5 mornings£574.00
Afternoon sessions per weekFee, per calendar month
2 afternoons£213.60
3 afternoons£320.40
4 afternoons£427.40
5 afternoons£534.00

Day and Session Rates

Available at parental request, subject to availability:

Full day £53.30
Morning session £28.70
Afternoon session £26.70

What the Fees Cover

The fees cover all aspects of the Nursery’s care and education, with the exception of the sports sessions ‘Sporty Tots”, which are available as an optional extra.

The fees provide for a broad and balanced, full Nursery curriculum, encompassing:

  • the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) National Curriculum. This comprises the seven areas of learning:
  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design
  • additional educational and developmental subjects and lessons:
  • French
  • ballet
  • music and movement (“Jo Jingles”)
  • “Sporty Tots” is available as an optional extra

The fees include:

  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, supper, morning and afternoon snacks)
  • 15 minutes per day access to Nursery Cam: real-time CCTV from cameras in Nursery rooms
  • access to ParentMail, for Nursery e-mails and texts
  • Christmas Party; Summer Graduation Party: open to all

Notes and Summary of Terms

1. Kent County Council (KCC) Early Years Funding Scheme. The Nursery participates in KCC’s funding scheme for children aged 3 and 4 years. Under the scheme, parents are entitled to up to 15 hours of free nursery provision, for 38 weeks per year. This funding is accessed by the Nursery on the family’s behalf, and is set against the fees detailed above.

Funding is based on a school term-by-term basis, and so, because term lengths vary, the precise level of funding varies across terms.

Free Fully Funded Places  – For those seeking free fully-funded provision, the Nursery offers such places, based on 15 hours’ provision, for 3 and 4 year olds. Children are eligible the term after they have attained their third birthday. These free places are offered, during school term time only, on the afternoons of Mondays, Fridays and one other afternoon each week of the parents’ choice. The hours offered for those sessions are 5 hours each from 1pm to 6pm. Further details are available from the Nursery Manager.

2. Deposit. Following offer of a place has been offered, a deposit is payable, receipt of which secures the place. The amount of the deposit is 50% of one month’s fee, or £200.00, whichever is the larger. The deposit is returnable when a child leaves the Nursery, less any outstanding amounts owed. If the place is not taken up, the deposit is not normally returnable unless the family has faced circumstances genuinely beyond its control.

3. Basis for Monthly Fees. The calendar monthly rates above are calculated on the basis of 4 weeks per month, and therefore a total of 48 weeks per year. This however provides for attendance over the full, 52 week, year. The extra 4 weeks allows for (a) bank holidays and the Christmas /New Year break and (b) two “free” weeks family holiday.

4. Illness, Absence, Nursery Temporary Closure. Policy concerning refunds In the event of illness, absence or temporary closure is as follows:

  • in the case of longer term (greater than 2 months) illness or absence, a full or partial refund may be given Such circumstances should be discussed with the Nursery Manager. Regrettably, refunds are not given following illness or absence of less than 2 months.
  • in the case of temporary Nursery closure, full or partial refunds will be given should such closure last for more than one month.

5. Invoices, Payment Date. Invoices are sent out at the start of each month. Fees are payable with cleared funds by noon of
the 15th of each month. Parents are provided with monthly statements.

6. Late Payment. In the event of late payment, an administrative surcharge is applicable as follows:

Outstanding monthly fees of under £400 £45

Outstanding monthly fees of £400 and over £90

Interest, at an annual rate of base rate plus 7.5%, is payable on any debt outstanding after 30 days.

7. Notice to Leave. Written notice of at least one calendar month is required, should parents wish to withdraw a child from the Nursery. If such notice is not given, one month’s fees in lieu are payable.